Our PREVIOUS Positions


You may read elsewhere about our past positions on abortion. For example, see our Position Statement Summary under section “(1) Abortion” at the L. F. Nexus Library. Note that changes in our position have always been in the details and never in its major principles; especially, with regard to the preservation of life. Now, first, a review of our mediately previous (just before our previous) position leads us to modify it to (the following is not all of our immediately previous position):

A woman might (previously, we said, “would”) have latitude (limited authority) in the sight of God to have or not have an abortion if she acted in accordance with all possible knowledge and wisdom.

Before we delineate our immediately previous position, we want to provide the following information:

The mind exists independently of the brain. This means that, while there may not be ‘world consciousness’ before the development of the brain, there may be ‘life consciousness’ before the development of the brain.

Now, here is our immediately previous position:

1. One’s position on abortion does not have to be simple.

2. One should not combine the moral position and the legal position under one banner because the legal position should not be complex because the average person does not have the wherewithal to deal with legal complexity. Therefore, one’s position must have two components – the moral component and the legal component.

3. Updated 1/31/17. Our moral component (position) is:

A woman might (previously, we said, “would”) have latitude (limited authority) in the sight of God to have or not have an abortion if she acted in accordance with all possible knowledge and wisdom. All possible knowledge and wisdom is defined, in part, on our When Life Begins website. In addition, if people were perfect, there should be no laws governing abortion but, if law(s) were passed, they should conform to our legal component (position) below. Finally, the moral component has priority over the legal component (The “Morality Over Law” Rule).  Of course, if you follow this rule, you might have to suffer the consequences of breaking the law.

The moral component does not have to be fully articulated (explained) because, in the end, everyone has to decide this for themself.

4. Our legal component (position) is:

Abortion should never be allowed except to save the life of the mother-to-be (The “Mother’s Life” Exception).

5. We allow the possibility of future changes in one or more details of our position except for the legal component.

Current Position


Our current position is identical to the immediately previous position stated above with the addition of a second exception to our legal component (position):

A victim of rape and/or incest has five days to use an abortion drug to avoid the extortion of a baby (The “5-Day Rape/Incest” Exception).

The Rape/Incest Exception is explained and justified in the three articles below.

First Six Days After Conception


Here are the first six days after conception.  The reason there are seven pictures is that the first two pictures cover two points in time on day 1.  The picture with the red circle is day 6.  The red circle encompasses the earliest stage of the “micro-embryo.”  Most of you will be amazed to learn that the physical form of the new life does not appear until the sixth day.  Wow, what a coincidence (sarcasm is for non-Bible-believers), considering that the Bible says that man was created on the sixth day.